Lyrics for Minami Kaze (TV Size) from Full Metal Panic 2 by Mikuni Shimokawa (Opening #1)

kokoro egakidasu chizujou no michina FRONTIER
tobira hiraitara michi wa tsuzuiteiru yo
hokori makiagete kimi no machi e
sora to daichi ga kasanaru ROUTE de

hashiru minamikaze ni notte aoku somaru kaze wo kitte
kokoro goto kakedashiteirunda
mahiru no tsuki wo oikoshite kinou to wa chigau sekai e
doko made mo hashirinuketeku ano kaze no you ni

ano kaze no you ni
Kanji lyrics not yet submitted.
I outline my heart on an unknown frontier on the map.
When I open the door, I see the road that keeps going on.
I run to your town as I blow the dust under my feet...
on this route where the sky and earth collide.

Riding on the flowing southern wind while cutting through the wind dyed in blue...
I'm running off together with my heart!
As I run past the midday moon, I set out for a world that's different from yesterday's.
I want to be able to run where I want to, just like that wind...

Just like the wind...

(Credit to Anime One and Anime Kingdoms Fansubs.)

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