Lyrics for Want it All Back from Cowboy Bebop by Mai Yamane (Background Music)

You said you wanted to see PARIS
So I took you to the movie
"Bon Amie" or something french like that
And then you said you were embarrassed
Because I never bought you jewelry
Television shopping fixed all that

Funny thing
'Cause I haven't seen you lately
When I called your house
It wasn't you who told me

I heard it all
from your dad
I used up all my money on you BABY
and I want it back

I want it back
I used up all my money tryin' to please ya
Now I want it back

Want it all back
Want it all Back

Do you remember late last winter
You said that you had nothin' to wear
Those fake fur pajamas looked real nice

I couldn't take you to Miami
But I took you to the ocean and we
Had some blue Hawaii on the beach

Let me think
If I add up all you owe me
And Include my time
I might make it through the summer

And I guess that
ain't too bad
I used up all my money on you BABY
and I want it back

I want it back
Said I want it all back
Gimmie my money all back

Want my money all back

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