Lyrics for Ningyo Hime (TV Size) from Chobits by Rie Tanaka (Ending #2)

yoru no machi wa shizuka de fukai umi no you
tsuzuku michi ni tada ATASHI hitori dake
tooi koe o tayori ni aruite yuku no
zutto sagashiteru sotto hikaru aoi HIKARI

nee ANATA o mitsukete
soshite nido to wasurezu
donna ni mune ga itakutemo soba ni iru no
zutto zutto
Kanji lyrics not yet submitted.
At night, the town is quiet like the bottom of the ocean
I continue down the road by myself
Guided by the distant voice
I keep searching for the soft blue light

Hey I found you
And so, without leaving you again
No matter how much I hurt inside I'll always be near you

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