Lyrics for Invoke (TV Size) from Gundam Seed by T.M.Revolution (Opening #1)

sure chikai isokgu tabi ni butsuke ai chigire au
tagai no hane no itami kanji te iru

samishisa ni yogore ta ude de daita
sore igai no nani ka wo shiranai kara

tsunagaru shunkan mezame ru eien machi kogareru

haya sugiru toki no matataki ni sara sare te
hitori de wa todo ka nai
negai nante kie sou na kotoba ja

karami au netsu no tsutae tai shin jitsu wo
dare kara mamore ba ii
kimi ga itsuka hoshi gatta omoi ga
soko ni aru nara

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Every time we hurry past each other, we hit and tear ourselves on impact
and we feel the pain of each other's wings

We were embraced in unclean, impure arms
because in our loneliness we didn't know any better

The moment we connect, eternity will awaken - I long for it

Exposed in a flickering instant that flew by too fast
I can't reach anything alone
These mere wishes and fading words...

Intertwined in this heat, wanting to speak the truth
Who do I protect them from?
This feeling you wanted so badly once,
If it's there...

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