Lyrics for True Story (TV Size) from Persona 4 The Animation by Rie Kugimiya (Opening #3)

Munesawagi mushi shite mo kokoro ga Feel Blue
Kekkyoku wa te ni tsukanai asa ga kichau

Omou dake ja todokanain da
Change yourself Kami-sama ni makaseterannai

Just Find honto wa kikoeteta
Kimi no setsunai koe zutto
Shake Hands te o tsunagu yuuki de
Hoshi ga ima seiza ni naru yo

Shout Friends honki no kotoba dake
Hibike sekai no kanata made
Dream Bells futari no kane no ne ga
Asu no doa hiraiteku True Story

胸騒ぎ無視しても 心がFeel Blue
結局は手につかない 朝が来ちゃう

思うだけじゃ 届かないんだ
Change yourself 神様に任せてらんない

Just Find ホントは聞こえてた
君の切ない声 ずっと
Shake Hands 手を繋ぐ勇気で
星が今 星座になるよ

Shout Friends 本気の言葉だけ
響け 世界の彼方まで
Dream Bells 二人の鐘の音が
明日のドア開いてく True Story

Even if I ignore my apprehension, my heart will Feel Blue
In the end, I never settle down and morning is here

You won't reach it if you only think about it
Change yourself, you can't rely on God

Just Find, the truth is, I heard it—
Your heartrending voice, this entire time
Shake Hands, with the courage to hold hands
The stars will now become constellations

Shout Friends, may nothing but sincere words
echo far across the world
Dream Bells, the chime of our bell
will open the door to tomorrow in the True Story

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