Lyrics for Beauty of Destiny (TV Size) from Persona 4 The Animation by Shihoko Hirata (Ending #1)

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(Let go of yourself)
(Free your mindset)

No time to waste, but make your pace
It's OK to remove copy and paste
I'm doing my way, you do it your way
Don't just follow your left, find the right way
Stereotypes, too many hypes
But I'm the epitome of new types
Having the fear is power to my soul, cuz I overcome them
That's how I roll

Expose your thoughts
Don't be afraid of making mistakes
Rules prevailing in
(somethings that you cannot run away)
That may be your greatest rival
Believe in faith and your heart
Your true soul stop being
(you must face yourself sooner or later)
in the shades come on
out in the open sun

Beauty of the child of destiny
Delightful days are with rich density of love
Thorny path
There's no easy way for real bliss
So I keep on fighting for
Beauty of destiny

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