Lyrics for Still (Anime Version) from Togainu no Chi ~Bloody Curs~ by Kanako Itou (Ending #11)

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now ruthlessly torn apart
All the things
once I had are gone

Did you hear?
the dark blades of the night
Craving for
that wound you'll bleed

Lost of all tears
My sight blinded with faith
Lost voices call in pain
Nothing answers

Still I remember
Still I see (yeah)
Awoken in the scorched out land of grief
And yet something grows within
Stretch out, egnite the light
Can I still believe?
The Amber Sunset
The brown soil lullabys
Green leaves on your skin

Still I see

White morning lights
The soothing of noon breeze
Silence of the stars filled with nights
Now shattered to pieces

Still I remember
Still I see (yeah)
Breathing the sound of life
Reviving the truth someday
Even through blinded eyes

Still I remember
Still I see (yeah)
Spawning the world with light
Hear the sound come to life
Even through blinded eyes

Still I see
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