Lyrics for Destin Histoire (TV Size) from Gosick by Yoshiki Lisa (Opening #1)

Zutto mae kara kimatteita you na
Tooi mukashi kara wakatteta you na

Mienai sen no ue wo tadoru you ni
Michibikare deai kousa suru Saison

Senaka awase no hikari to kage no you ni
Tsuyoku hikareru Mystification

Mimimoto de sasayaki yobu koe ni furimukeba
Kizukanu uchi hirakareteita TOBIRA

Sukoshi no guuzen to hitsuzen wo tsunagu you ni
Ugoki hajimeta futatsu no Histoire Ah

Zutto hatenaku tsuzuite yuku


見えない線の 上をたどるように
導かれ出逢い 交差する Saison

背中会わせの 光と影のように
強く引かれる Mystification

気付かぬうち 開かれていたトビラ

少しの偶然と 必然をつなぐように
動き始めた二つの Histoire Ah


It feels like I've been decided long ago
It feels like I've known it all along
I feel like when I'm following the path of an invisble thread
It's the time that I'm lead to cross path with love

Just as the light that shines upon me and the shadow that I cast are close together,
I'm being pulled closely to the Mystification

If I turn to the voice that is whispering by my ear,
I will realize that the door has been opened without me noticing
By linking a little coincidence and inevitable,
Our Histoire will begin to move onwards

It will continue onwards endlessly
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