Lyrics for God Only Knows (TV Size) from Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai by Elisa (Opening #1)

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Love is such a sweet illusion (Let's come together)
Can't seem to stop my imagination (Goes on forever)
What a ridiculous situation (Another matter)
But I can't deny, I'm faced with a tricky temptation

In the world that keeps on changing
Don't know why my heart is aching
Gotta handle it, no more hesitation
There can be no turning back

God only knows
"My mind is as free as the wind.
But now what I should do is to fall in love"

God only knows
"I don't need that kind of real things
Feels like I'm lost in the labyrinth"

God only knows (Your infinity, you can feel it)
"There must be the meaning of life
Somehow unexpected happenings thrill me"

God only knows (Opportunity, you can take it)
"Just believe in myself and my dream
Anyone could be a hero and heroine"
Temporarily locked until official lyrics are released.
It's tough to get a consensus on transcribing English lyrics, and then being Engrish on top of that seems to compound the problem.

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