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Ichirin no Hana ~Huge Hollow Mix~ Bleach High and Mighty Color OP03 4:41 6.4 MB RO KA EN Buy! 7.962
Over the Fantasy (Karaoke) Final Fantasy Unlimited Kana Ueda OP01 4:20 6.8 MB RO KA EN Buy! 7.720
Pride ~HAL's Mix 2005~ Gundam Seed Destiny High and Mighty Color OP02 5:21 7.3 MB RO KA EN Buy! 7.936
Glaring Dream (A Light in the Black Mix) Gravitation Bad Luck BGM 1:59 1.8 MB   Buy 8.443
Realize (KZ Strictly Uptempo Mix) Gundam Seed Nami Tamaki OP04 4:52 4.4 MB RO KA EN Buy 8.364
The Rage Beat (The Last Element Mix) Gravitation Kotani Kinya BGM 1:28 1.3 MB   Buy 8.367
Get Over (Special Mix) Hikaru no Go Dream ED06 10:18 14.1 MB RO KA EN Buy! 8.477
Journey to the Sun Gundam Wing TWO-MIX BGM 2:35 2.3 MB   Buy 8.320
Dress (Blood Trinity Mix) Trinity Blood BUCK-TICK OP01 6:37 5.3 MB RO KA EN Buy! 8.462
The Rage Beat (Zoom Mix) Gravitation Kotani Kinya BGM 3:11 2.9 MB   Buy 8.189
Just Communication (Type II) Gundam Wing Two-Mix OP01 4:36 4.2 MB RO KA EN Buy 8.427
Lilium (Ron's mix version) Elfen Lied Konishi Kayo OP01 4:09 5.7 MB RO KA EN   8.430
Realize (Fly Into the Universe Mix) Gundam Seed Nami Tamaki OP04 4:54 4.5 MB RO KA EN Buy 8.244
Rhythm Emotion (TV Size) Gundam Wing Two-Mix OP02 1:24 1.9 MB RO ka EN Buy 8.354
Super Drive (Silent Beat Mix) Gravitation Sakanoue Yosuke BGM 1:41 1.5 MB   Buy 8.361
Mask (Masa Mix) Bakuretsu Hunters Masami Okui ED01 5:06 4.7 MB RO ka EN Buy! 8.000
Glaring Dream (Secret Dream Air Mix) Gravitation Tomokazu Seki BGM 3:00 2.7 MB   Buy 8.356
Justice Future Mystery Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Two-Mix OP05 5:25 4.9 MB RO ka en   7.750
Truth Detective Conan Two-Mix OP05 5:32 5.0 MB RO KA EN   8.456
Rhythm Emotion Gundam Wing Two-Mix OP02 3:54 3.5 MB RO KA EN Buy 8.449
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