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Lovest Love Stage!! Screen Mode OP01 3:46 8.8 MB RO KA EN Buy 6.400
Sympathy High School DxD New Larval Stage Planning OP01 4:53 11.2 MB RO KA EN Buy! 8.408
Aruji Naki Sono Koe AKB0048 Next Stage No Name OP01 4:53 11.2 MB RO KA EN Buy! 7.576
Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu AKB0048: Next Stage No Name ED01 3:59 9.1 MB RO KA EN Buy! 8.429
No Place Like a Stage Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Granrodeo IN03 4:49 11.2 MB RO KA en   8.349
Trip ~Innocent of D~ High School DxD Larval Stage Planning OP01 4:16 9.8 MB RO KA EN Buy! 8.555
First Stage The Idolm@ster Azumi Asakura ED03 4:44 10.8 MB RO KA EN Buy! 7.375
Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de Jump!! Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2 Larval Stage Planning OP01 3:43 8.5 MB RO KA EN Buy! 8.485
Kitchen wa My Stage Cooking Idol Ai! Mai! Main! Haruka Furuhara OP01 3:09 3.7 MB RO KA en Buy! 4.607
Triangular (Fight on Stage) Macross Frontier May'n ED08 5:00 6.0 MB RO KA EN Buy! 8.453
Rakuen no Stage Best Student Council Sendai Eri IN20 3:57 4.7 MB RO KA en Buy! 6.833
Trust (Karaoke) Vandread 1st Stage Salia OP01 3:23 3.1 MB RO KA EN Buy 7.633
Snow Rain Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Kana Ueda IN11 4:37 6.4 MB RO KA EN Buy! 8.445
Sweet Songs Ever With You Triangle Heart OVA Kotoko ED02 5:20 7.3 MB RO KA EN Buy! 8.400
Inside of a Wilderness Triangle Heart OVA Kotoko ED01 4:54 6.8 MB RO KA EN Buy! 8.429
Black Out Initial D 1st Stage Overload IN25 4:59 4.6 MB RO ka EN Buy! 7.656
On the Stage Fruits Basket Ritsuko Okazaki BGM 1:54 2.6 MB   Buy 8.348
Speedy Speed Boy Initial D 4th Stage Marko Polo IN02 5:57 5.4 MB ro ka EN Buy! 8.358
We'll See Heaven Initial D 4th Stage Digital Planet IN02 4:25 6.0 MB ro ka EN Buy! 8.167
Save Me Initial D 1st Stage Leslie Parrish IN07 4:34 4.1 MB ro ka EN Buy! 8.527
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