Lyrics for Where Does The Ocean Go? from Ghost in the Shell TV by Ilaria Graziano

all day the city's selling something
always, the busy people spinning 'round
'til they go back home to somewhere

and taxies stop to say "hello"
"want a ride? I'll take you there"
"to anywhere, just tell my driver"

the sun is casting shadows
an afternoon is fading
I ask, but no one knows
the answer to the question
my life is like an island
where does this ocean go?

shyly, a wino sips his wine
slowly, cause to him that is all that matters
he sees a cat he knows so well
now sleeping on a bench together

a woman waiting by herself, selling flowers
"please buy some, so I can help my daughter, will you?"

the man with spider eyebrows
is standing on a corner
"who wants to see a show?"
his head looks like a melon
he turns into an alley
then stops to blow his nose
sky is filled with neon
the buildings stand electric
and almost seem to glow
want answers to the question
my life is like an island
where does the ocean go?
I really want to know
my life is like an island
it's time for me now to fly
where does the ocean go?

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